Amstrad CPC Soundtrakker Player in JavaScript

Back in 1991, Oliver Mayer (aka BSC) wrote Soundtrakker, a cool music tracker for the Amstrad CPC. It was quite popular in the demoscene of that time. Now, thirty years later, I made a little JavaScript player for music modules written in Soundtrakker 1.x to listen to songs from authors like BSC, Kangaroo, Tom&Jerry, and others, directly in your web browser. I did not (yet) include a full-fledged emulator for the AY-3-8910 soundchip of the CPC, but just used the standard oscillators of the Web Audio API, so it will not sound as cool as the real hardware, and sometimes be also a little bit out of tune. So, in such cases it is (mostly) not the song authors who are to blame but my program. For most songs it seems to work quite OK, though.

You can try out the player with more than 300 songs from the nineties directly right here:

I also published the complete source code of my JavaScript program on Github:

Here is a screen shot, too:

Norbert Kehrer's Amstrad CPC Soundtrakker Player